Handicrafts Buying Behaviour
Understanding motivation for buying handicrafts products in terms of the needs and fulfilled goals
Needs and intention towards buying handicraft 

I buy a handicraft by looking on different aspects like, technique used, time and skill involved, finishing of edges, harmony in colour, symmetry, neatness in work etc *

When I buy handicrafts I look for ‘new design’ and ‘blend of modernity and tradition’. *

I buy handicrafts without worrying about its originality. *

I rarely purchase any handicrafts until it is Unique. *

The place of origin and/or type of art used is important for me to buy a handicraft. *

I buy handicrafts which are promptly related to my rituals and beliefs. *

I buy handicrafts because it belong my hometown/village and/or it reminds me of my motherland. *

I like to buy handicrafts with the ease of handling and reasonable priced i.e. true value for money. *

I buy handicraft products which looks attractive and creative. *

Goals and motivation towards buying handicraft 

I buy handicrafts because of its artistic value, for its beauty. *

I buy handicrafts as a fashion symbol. *

I like to give handicraft items as a gift to my friends and family. *

I buy handicrafts based on its functional value. *

I buy expensive handicrafts to display my status to others. *

I mainly buy handicrafts to experience something new, different from others. *

I buy handicrafts because I prefer to have luxury item at home. *

I find handicrafts product from other countries are more interesting than those from India. *

I buy handicrafts to preserve, to sustain my culture. *

I buy handicrafts to show concern and/or offer economic and political support to artisans or to value their art. *

I love to buy handicrafts from the place I am visiting to keep as a treasure of memory. *

Classification Question 

Your Gender *

Your Age (In Years) *

Your Occupation *

What describe your current status *

Your family size *

Your Monthly Household Income *

Amount you would like to spend to buy handicraft items *

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